Campaign: Ban Smoking Outside Entrances of Public Buildings (Especially Hospitals)

Ban smoking outside entrances of public buildings

Smoking is universally recognised to be harmful. Both the smoke and the unpleasant smell spreads, which can mean unwanted exposure to non-smokers.

One of the untoward effects of the ban on indoor smoking has been a concentration of smoking outside entrances, particularly hospitals. This campaign is to help stop this practice which causes harm to non-smokers and smokers alike.

Hospitals in particular have tried various methods, including smoking shelters or having a painted No Smoking area around the entrance, but these measures are routinely ignored, making them ineffective. Public institutions are powerless to impose any restrictions on smoking outside entrances.

Legislation banning smoking at entrances to around 15 metres, along with other smoking cessation measures, will help smokers to quit and non-smokers to have a more pleasant and less harmful experience.

Please sign the petition below (UK citizens only):

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Also popularise the hashtag #SmokefreeEntrances through your social media accounts.


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