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  • A brother made some comment about abrogated verses in Al Qur'an Al Majeed. He said his beliefs are as explained by this person here (https://youtu.be/rnCtYSV6X7g). Could you please comment on whether the views espoused are compatible with our fiqh / aqeedah?
  • I am retired person and have invested my Provident funds. The return on investment along with my pension take care of my domestic expenses and I hardly save any amount. Am I still liable to pay Zakah on my investment? If I do so, my investment will start reducing and so will my earnings and it will be difficult for me to bear the household expenses.
  • Asalamu alaykum. Me and my wife have been blessed with 3 boys Alhamdulillah. The youngest is around 9 months old and my wife is breastfeeding as she has done so with the others. After having our 3rd child my wife has been very ill and been diagnosed with post natal depression. It has been very severe and included attempts at self harm and intentional overdose. She may now be pregnant again...it has not been confirmed yet. But due to the circumstances I am not sure how she will cope should she be pregnant and worried about her health with her current condition. Under these circumstances will a termination be allowed? Alhamdulillah we have no concerns over raising another child, costs etc ... I am just really worried about the health of my wife.
  • If a wife is earning, does her husband have any right over her money? If she has parents, can she spend it on them and does she need her husband's permission to spend on them from her own money?
  • The halifax reward current account rewards you £5 for being with them. Is this the same as interest but worded differently, and is it halal or haram?
  • As-salaamu 'alaykum I am a Hanafi and I ate calamari without knowing that it is Haraam in the Hanafi madhab. Does this mean that my duas are not accepted for 40 days and I have to do tawbah? JazaakAllah Khayr
  • As-salaamu 'alaykum I have a property that I'm renting out. However, I *may* sell it in a few years depending how things pan out; I'm just not decided as of yet. Does that mean I need to give Zakâh on the property?
  • What is the recommended or Sunnah amount for mahr when getting married?
  • How much is mahr fatimi today?
  • What are the rules for paying Zakah on salary that is received on a monthly basis? I receive salary each month, more than half of my saved money has not yet entered its 12th month; do I still need to pay Zakah for this? Should I record the month that I received my salary and then pay Zakah for this as it enters its 12th month?


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