Questions related to Zakâh

Liability of Zakah on Investment

بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Firstly, how much and what Zakâh is due on an investment depends on the nature/intention of the investment: 1) If it's with the intention to sell, the entire value of the investment is subject to Zakâh as it is treated as trade stock[1].
2) If it's only to gain a profit, then whether you pay Zakâh on the investment or not depends on the type of investment, e.g. -

Zakâh on property on rent with a possible view to sell

As-salaamu 'alaykum I have a property that I'm renting out. However, I *may* sell it in a few years depending how things pan out; I'm just not decided as of yet. Does that mean I need to give Zakâh on the property?

When should Zakah be paid on salary received on monthly basis?

What are the rules for paying Zakah on salary that is received on a monthly basis?

I receive salary each month, more than half of my saved money has not yet entered its 12th month; do I still need to pay Zakah for this?

Should I record the month that I received my salary and then pay Zakah for this as it enters its 12th month?

Question on Paying Zakâh: On what and how much Zakâh should we pay?

We have 50,000 USD in our bank account while we have an amount of 5,000 USD in a separate account for our expenditures. We have provided two people with a loan; the total amount is 10,000 USD. I wonder
on what we need to pay Zakah? And what will be the total amount of Zakah that we need to pay?

Zakat calculations for Gold and Money

Please advise the maximum number of grams of gold (how many grams) I can keep for use (i.e. not eligible for the Zakah). How do we calculate the Zakah on the gold balance?

What is the price of gold when calculating zakat?

Please confirm the price of Gold on which zakat is to be calculated for this year.

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