Preparation for Ramadhan - Masjid Aleef, Bolton

Preparation for Ramadhan
An event to prepare for Ramadhan including dos and don'ts, health tips and fiqh of fasting and Zakah.
Friday, 26 May, 2017 - 19:30
Masjid Aleef, 8 Higher Swan Lane, Bolton, BL3 3AJ

Making Ramadhân Productive - Masjid Ali, Bolton

A refresher on the importance of this blessed month, guidance on how best to spend Ramadhân, dos and don'ts and Ramadhân health tips.

Sunday, 12 June, 2016 - 20:45
Masjid Ali, 396 Wigan Road, Bolton, BL3 4QH

Fiqh of Fasting and How to have a Healthy Ramadhân - Ar-Rahman Masjid, Bolton

A 2-part presentation on the Fiqh of fasting and how to have a healthy Ramadhân.

Saturday, 11 June, 2016 - 20:15
Ar-Rahmân Masjid, 2-14 Randal Street, Bolton, BL3 4AE

Ramadhân 1437/2016 Events

Ramadhân 1437 (2016) events
These are the confirmed and proposed events during Ramadhân events for 1437 (2016). Please try to participate and encourage others too.

Current List of Events

List of Events
This page will contain an updated list of events that we have held or presented in various locations.These free events are all available to be booked for your local Masjid or Islamic centre.

Fiqh of Fasting event presentation

The presentation slides used during our "Fiqh of Fasting" event.

Covers the rules of fasting and the things that could break the fast, and more.

All comments/feedback are appreciated.

Make the Most of Ramadhân event presentation

The presentation slides used during our "Make the Most of Ramadhân" event.

An important reminder on how best to spend the blessed month of Ramadhân including the dos and don'ts.

All comments/feedback are appreciated.

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