Current List of Events

List of Events
This page will contain an updated list of events that we have held or presented in various locations.These free events are all available to be booked for your local Masjid or Islamic centre.

Fiqh of Fasting event presentation

The presentation slides used during our "Fiqh of Fasting" event.

Covers the rules of fasting and the things that could break the fast, and more.

All comments/feedback are appreciated.

Reward account payment: Halal or Haram?

The halifax reward current account rewards you £5 for being with them. Is this the same as interest but worded differently, and is it halal or haram?

Is Calamari Haraam and what are the repercussions of accidentally eating Haraam?

I am a Hanafi and I ate calamari without knowing that it is Haraam in the Hanafi madhab. Does this mean that my duas are not accepted for 40 days and I have to do tawbah?
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