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Ramadhân 1437/2016 Events

Ramadhân 1437 (2016) events
These are the confirmed and proposed events during Ramadhân events for 1437 (2016). Please try to participate and encourage others too.

Why ALL MLM schemes are fraudulent scams

MLM / Pyramid Scheme Scam/Fraud
A comprehensive explanation in a conversation-style format to provide many reasons why ALL MLM and pyramid schemes are fraudulent scams and must be avoided.

MLM/Pyramid Scheme Population Calculator Walk-Through Example and Guide

MLM Pyramid Scheme

This guide will help you use our MLM/Pyramid Scheme Population Calculator. You should find this tool useful in exposing the fallacy and absurdity of Multi-Level Marketing and pyramid schemes. In particular, it may be useful to protect our loved ones from these fraudulent and unethical schemes. Let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions.

MLM / Pyramid Scheme Population Calculator

MLM / Pyramid Scheme Scam/Fraud
Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and pyramid schemes suffer from an inherent mathematical flaw. This tool can help you prove this to convince a family member/friend/colleague not to join the latest MLM or pyramid scheme.

Current List of Events

List of Events
This page will contain an updated list of events that we have held or presented in various locations.These free events are all available to be booked for your local Masjid or Islamic centre.

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