Campaign: 'Eidgâh / Musallâ of Eid (Prayer Place for Eid)

'Eidgâh / musallâ

'Eidgâh / Musallâ - Revive the Sunnah "Sacrifice the luxury of your local Masjid to fulfil a forgotten Sunnah"

The Sunnah is to hold the 'Eid prayer in the open. This outdoor place of prayer is known as the musallâ.

Sayyidunâ Abû Sa'îd al-Khudrî RadhiyAllâhu 'anh says: "The Messenger of Allâh SallAllâhu 'alayhi wasallam would go out on the Day of Fitr and Adh-Hâ to the Musallâ ('Eidgâh)." [1]

Praying Eid salaah in the musallâ is an emphasised Sunnah. Unfortunately, in many places people are content to pray the Eid Salâh in the comfort of their local Masâjid instead of fulfilling this important Sunnah. For more information on why we should pray at the musallâ, please see Eid Salâh at the Musallâ: A Forgotten Sunnah.

With a view to reviving this Sunnah, alhamdulillâh, a musallâ has been arranged in Bolton. The people of Bolton have the opportunity to gain a tremendous reward by fulfilling this Sunnah.

VENUE: Deane & Derby Cricket Club, Sunnyside Park, Chelsea Road, Bolton, BL3 3BA
DATE: Monday 28th or Tuesday 29th (depending on sighting of moon)
8:30am: Speech
9am: Salâh and Khutbah

There's 3 ways in which you could help:

  1. Please make du'â for the continued success of the Musallâ ('Eidgâh) and to keep us steadfast upon the Sunnah.
  2. Donate towards the costs of arranging the Musallâ. You can donate quickly and securely on our dedicated 'Eid Musallâ page on BT MyDonate. All proceeds (100% including Gift Aid) will go towards the Musallâ costs. Alternative methods of payment are available on our donate page.
  3. Please share with all your contacts. Make sure they don't miss out.

JazâkAllâhu khayran for your support.

[1] al-Bukhârî, Muslim, An-Nasâî


Donate to this worth while cause and reap the rewards in the akhirah

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