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Does husband have any right over his wife's earnings / money?

If a wife is earning, does her husband have any right over her money? If she has parents, can she spend it on them and does she need her husband's permission to spend on them from her own money?

Introducing 3 new currencies to nisâb, mahr & Zakâh tools

3 new currencies: Indian rupee, Pakistani rupee and Malaysian ringgit
To cater for our visitors from India, Pakistan and Malaysia, we have added 3 new currencies to our popular nisâb, mahr and Zakâh tools.

What is the Sunnah / recommended mahr?

What is the recommended or Sunnah amount for mahr when getting married?

How much is mahr fatimi?

How much is mahr fatimi today?

Zakâh Nisâb and Mahr prices - daily updates

Nisâb and Mahr updated prices tool
This tool displays the latest figures/prices (updated daily) for Nisâb (threshold when Zakâh becomes payable) and Mahr (dower/bridal gift). Also includes an explanation of the rationale behind the figures, conversions and calculations.

No Boxed Gifts

gift box

How many times have you received invitation cards with "No boxed gifts" written in not-so-small print at the bottom?

Well, it's fraught with problems - both culturally and Islamically. First of all, it means invitations are (potentially) no longer given with sincerity. Just imagine: it could mean that each invitee (or family) is invited with the hope that he (or it) will pay towards the cost of the wedding or event. This can't be right.

Which event would you like next?

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