Introducing 3 new currencies to nisâb, mahr & Zakâh tools

3 new currencies: Indian rupee, Pakistani rupee and Malaysian ringgit

بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Alhamdulillâh, many people have and are continuing to benefit from our popular nisâb, mahr and Zakâh tools. However, to date, we only had 3 currencies: Great British pounds (ISO code GBP; currency symbol £), US dollars (USD; $) and euros (EUR; €). Since then, we have noticed that visitors to our site are from all over the world. To cater for these visitors, we felt the need to directly support prices in currencies for the 3 most popular locations: India, Pakistan and Malaysia. Though it's possible to obtain these prices using currency conversion, it would require recalculation of all the prices.Prices for the 3 new currencies displayed on the home page

Changes to the nisâb/mahr tool

We have changed the display of the prices on the home page to a summary to accommodate all 6 currencies. All 6 calculated prices (silver/gold nisâb, gold tola and the 3 mahr prices) are displayed for British pounds (we are, after all, based in the UK!). The remaining 5 currencies only have the 2 most important prices: the silver nisâb and mahr al-azwâj (the dower of the wives of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم). To see the full price display for all currencies, click on "more" at the bottom which will take you to the dedicated nisâb/mahr prices page.

Zakâh Calculator

Currencies available in the Zakah CalculatorYou can now select Indian rupees (ISO code INR; currency symbol ₹), Pakistani rupees (PKR; ₨) or Malaysian ringgit (MYR; RM) from the currency selector. This will automatically update the nisâb and the Zakâh due according to the selected currency. It will also update the gold tola conversion prices.


We hope you find this addition useful. Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated.


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