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بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

The Holy Qur-ân holds dear to the heart of each and every Muslim for it is a direct message from the Creator to mankind. In it are important lessons of our purpose in life, reward and chastisement. As such, not only should we recite it with tajweed and humility but we should also seek to understand its meaning.

It is with a view to rekindle this bond between us and the Qur-ân that we at WellWishers Trust decided to set up Quranic.info. Ideal for huffâdh (those who've memorised the Qur-an) and non-huffâdh alike, the ultimate aim of the tool is to allow users to search for any word or words contained within the Qur-ân and have all the knowledge pertaining to their search term at their fingertips.

We have implemented only a subset of the full features that we have in mind but we feel it's now at a level that can be considered beneficial to the wider public, which is why we have decided to release this now. Please note that Quranic.info is still in BETA, meaning you may come across a few quirks when making use of it, although we have tried our best to eliminate as many of them as we could.

Here are some of the features that have already been implemented:-

  • Enter any word or group of words from the Qur-ân, e.g. الأرض, in the search box to find out how many times they occur in the Qur-ân and to return the verses that contain them
  • The same words are sometimes written differently in the Qur-ân according to the 'Uthmâni (مصحف) script. The search tool is clever enough to return all similar words, e.g. entering سماوات will return both verses with سمٰوٰت and سمٰوات (the only two ways they're written in the 'Uthmâni مصحف) and الانهار will match الأنهٰر
  • Enter a sûrah name or its number followed by s, e.g. الإنسان s, to search for a specific sûrah
  • Enter sûrah:âyâh, e.g. 12:34, to search for a specific âyâh in a sûrah
  • Each verse in the search results can be listened to by clicking on the icon that appears next to it. The default recitation is in the riwâyah (transmission) of al-Imâm Hafs. If you would like to listen to the riwâyah of al-Imâm Warsh, add w to your search term, e.g. نؤمن w
  • The website is mobile-friendly so you can search, view and listen to the Qur-ân on the go

There are some more useful features in the pipeline. To see what we have in store for you (إن شاء الله), to add your own suggestions and/or to vote for what you think should be implemented next, please click on the blue question mark icon in the corner of the website or visit quranic.uservoice.com.

So, over to you now, dear reader. Please make use of the search tool, share it with family and friends, and let us know what you think.

والله ولي التوفيق




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