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Blog articles related to Internet etiquette (Netiquette) and social media

Forum Etiquette

Forum image

Here are some pertinent points worth observing when posting/debating on forums:

    - Do not post non-Islamic (non-mubâḥ) naughty stuff
    - Try to refrain from using emoticons/smilies (excessive use is just childish)
    - Do not link to an article or piece of news without verifying its contents first
    - ...

Email Etiquette

Email received

A bit of common sense really, but surprising how many Muslims fall prey to the obvious no-nos when it comes to sending emails:

    - Do not send/forward non-Islamic (by that I mean non-mubâḥ) naughty stuff
    - Do not forward without verifying the contents of the email/article
    - ...
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