The Obesity Puzzle and the Weight Loss Riddle


It may come to you as no surprise,
And guessing right won't win you a prize.
But obesity is here to stay,
For the long run it wants to play.

It loves to cause major diseases,
As much or as little as it pleases.
And when it's had about enough,
It'll help you get to your last puff.

But why it is what it is, and how;
These are questions that need answering now.
Obesity in a sense, is the carrying of unnecessary fat;
There are calculations, but it's not necessary to bother with that.
For, after all, we know it doesn't look right;
And it's most certainly not a pretty sight.

It's up to individuals to watch what they're consuming;
Too much fat and sugar will send our bowels fuming.
If it's not used, the extra fat will simply be stored,
And that weight will just make us lazy and bored.

Which then makes it harder to do strenuous activity,
To help us become less of a burden on gravity.
Aerobic exercise is that which makes our heart beat faster;
Running, jogging and walking is not that difficult to master.
Our breathing rate then quickens,
And each breath's depth also thickens.
We may find that we start perspiring,
And that's due to our body's autonomous wiring.
Then we'll know that the calories are burning,
As those large muscle groups are churning.

So losing weight isn't a cryptic riddle,
If you want to lessen the size of your girdle.
Focus on reducing the size of your portions,
Rather than relying on marketed weight-loss potions.

The reality is a simple calculation,
To gradually reduce the obesity situation.
Eat less, and what you eat should be healthy,
And burn more through exercise and activity.
That will produce a balanced body synergy;
How will you use your new-found energy?



This is so true,we have to fight with this obesity to make our life more healthy


Too many sugary drinks like sodas has been the downfall of many individuals wishing to lose weight but there is an option. Water and real fruit and vegetable juices are the better diet choice when it comes to weight loss.


If you want to weight loss but still haven’t been able to lose the weight, don’t feel bad. Many people out there have the same problem because losing weight and keeping it off can be a difficult process that takes some time. Choosing a diet to follow, and deciding how much dedication you put into achieving your goals is, of course, up to you.


Hello Dr Abu Eesaa
Thanks for this great post.


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