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Common blood tests: Part 1

Blood test tubes

GPs can request a whole host of blood tests which can help to make or exclude specific diagnoses. In the first part of this series, why blood tests are requested is discussed, along with a brief explanation of some of the most common Haematology blood tests.

TATT: Tired All The Time - is this how you feel?

TATT: Tired All The Time

Doctors use the abbreviation TATT very often as feeling 'tired all the time' is such a common complaint. But what is the answer to solving this age-old riddle of tiredness?

This blog article explores the commonest physical and non-physical causes.

Warming up a common cold

Achoo! Alhamdulillah!

As a GP, I regularly see many patients complain of coughing and blocked noses. Almost invariably they are viral throat infections, but why is this common condition such a frequent presentation and cause many to seek medical help?

Are Your Medicines Halâl?


Many Muslims take medicines on a regular basis for long-term conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Many more of us take some sort of medication on an ad-hoc basis. Whatever the case, should we, as Muslims, just accept all medicines to be Halâl and assume they are okay to take because the doctor prescribed them or the pharmacist recommended them?

The Obesity Puzzle and the Weight Loss Riddle


It may come to you as no surprise... And guessing right won't win you a prize.
But obesity is here to stay... For the long run it wants to play.

It loves to cause major diseases... As much or as little as it pleases.
And when it's had about enough... It'll help you get to your last puff.

But why it is what it is, and how... These are questions that need answering now.

The Burden of Unnecessary Weight

The burden of unnecessary weight

The burden of unnecessary weight will arguably be the largest global public health concern over the next century. There was a time when food was hard to come by, and people had to work hard to obtain it. Obesity was only seen amongst the wealthy privileged classes, and so a disease like diabetes was rare. Two things have happened in the past hundred years or so which has changed much in most of the developed world.

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