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Current List of Events

List of Events
This page will contain an updated list of events that we have held or presented in various locations.These free events are all available to be booked for your local Masjid or Islamic centre.

FIVE Useful Tools for Zakâh

Alhamdulillâh, we now have five Zakâh tools on the website. Here we have listed all 5 including the key features, what they can be used for and links to each tool.

Current List of Supported Currencies

25+ supported currencies
This page will contain an updated list of supported currencies in our tools (Daily Updated Nisâb/Mahr Prices, the Zakâh Calculator and the Gold Value Calculator).

Long summer fasts: a blessing in disguise!

Hot summer day with the sun shining
Read about why long summer fasts on hot days are actually a blessing in disguise!

Tips for al-Haramayn

Masjid al-Harâm in Makkah al-Mukarramah
For the benefit of those intending to perform Hajj (and 'Umrah), here's a list of tips (Dos/Don'ts) to ensure the time spent in the blessed lands is time well spent. The tips cover a wide range of areas - from what to do when flying to the Holy Lands to how to shop - all with the aim of ensuring you spend your time as best as you can, inshâ-Allâh.

Urgent! Shari'ah-compliant student loans: only a few days left!

Tuition fees for studying at university are now £9000 which is totally unaffordable for most students and their families. Even middle-class families would struggle to help out their children pay these fees. Currently available student loans are interest-based loans which are totally forbidden in Shari'ah. The consultation is the first step to an alternative Shari'ah-compliant solution.

Why the Eid public holiday petition doesn't make sense

There's currently a petition online that you may have come across calling for an Eid bank/public holiday because of the number of Muslims in the UK. Here are a few reasons why signing the petition doesn't make sense.
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