FIVE Useful Tools for Zakâh

بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Alhamdulillâh, we now have five Zakâh tools on the website. Below we have listed all 5 including a brief description of each, the key features, what they can be used for and links to each tool.

We hope you find them useful. Feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

5 Zakâh Tools

1. Zakâh Calculator

Brief Description: A Zakâh Calculator which can help you to work out how much Zakâh to pay.
Key features: multiple currencies, gold/silver weight calculations, automatic nisâb selection and instant calculations/feedback
Useful for: Calculating your Zakâh each year.

2. Zakâh Nisâb Prices

Brief Description: Get the latest prices for Nisâb and Mahr (updated daily)
Key features: multiple currencies, daily updates, gold/silver nisâb & gold tola values, mahr values
Useful for: Working out whether you're liable to pay Zakâh or to work out eligibility. Also useful for the mahr price when getting married.

3. Historical Nisâb Tool

Brief Description: Find out the historical silver and gold nisâb prices.
Key features: historical nisâb prices, auto Hijri date conversion, Hijri date selection, over 45 years of data, gold and silver nisâb, multiple currencies, date range selection and tabular & graphical displays
Useful for: if Zakâh has been missed in the past, need to know what the nisâb was last year or a particular date in the past or just curious what the nisâb figure was 30-40 years ago.

4. Unpaid Zakâh Calculator

Brief Description: Work out how much Zakâh to pay on unpaid Zakâh wealth from previous years
Key features:option to enter different amounts for each year, displays Zakâh due for each year and all previous years combined
Useful for: if you've missed your Zakâh in the past, forgot to pay Zakâh or didn't realise you had to pay on something.

5. Gold Value Calculator

Brief Description: Work out the value of your gold.
Key features: current & past valuations, multiple currencies, multiple weight measures and 10+ carats supported
Useful for: if you have a mixture of different carats of gold, this calculator will help you calculate the total value of your gold for Zakâh purposes.


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