News: Our tools now use LBMA (international standard) prices for gold and silver

Gold/silver prices
We now use the internationally recognised prices for gold and silver as provided by The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) in our tools: - Nisâb/Mahr Prices - Zakâh Calculator - Gold Value Calculator - Historical Nisâb

FIVE Useful Tools for Zakâh

Alhamdulillâh, we now have five Zakâh tools on the website. Here we have listed all 5 including the key features, what they can be used for and links to each tool.

Current List of Supported Currencies

25+ supported currencies
This page will contain an updated list of supported currencies in our tools (Daily Updated Nisâb/Mahr Prices, the Zakâh Calculator and the Gold Value Calculator).

10 Reasons Why We Don't Add VAT to our Zakâh Nisâb and Mahr Prices

Here are TEN good reasons why we believe adding VAT to silver market prices to work out the value of the silver is both illogical and inconsistent and, therefore, should NOT be added to the Zakâh Nisâb and Mahr prices.

Zakâh Nisâb and Mahr prices - daily updates

Nisâb and Mahr updated prices tool
This tool displays the latest figures/prices (updated daily) for Nisâb (threshold when Zakâh becomes payable) and Mahr (dower/bridal gift). Also includes an explanation of the rationale behind the figures, conversions and calculations.
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