Sharî'ah-compliance is essential. We must make sure all our earnings and dealings are compliant with Sharî'ah

Ramadhân 1437/2016 Events

Ramadhân 1437 (2016) events
These are the confirmed and proposed events during Ramadhân events for 1437 (2016). Please try to participate and encourage others too.

Current List of Events

List of Events
This page will contain an updated list of events that we have held or presented in various locations.These free events are all available to be booked for your local Masjid or Islamic centre.

Simplified Islamic Finance: Radio Ihsaan, Bolton

Radio show event
An hour-long radio show simplifying some of the core concepts and basics of Islamic Finance including its importance, things to avoid and some common examples and practical solutions.
Friday, 1 January, 2016 - 20:00 to 21:00
Radio Ihsaan, 282 Derby Street, Bolton BL3 6LF

Reward account payment: Halal or Haram?

The halifax reward current account rewards you £5 for being with them. Is this the same as interest but worded differently, and is it halal or haram?

Urgent! Shari'ah-compliant student loans: only a few days left!

Tuition fees for studying at university are now £9000 which is totally unaffordable for most students and their families. Even middle-class families would struggle to help out their children pay these fees. Currently available student loans are interest-based loans which are totally forbidden in Shari'ah. The consultation is the first step to an alternative Shari'ah-compliant solution.

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