News: Our tools now support 15 (FIFTEEN) currencies!

15 currencies now supported

بسم الله والحمد لله والصلاة والسلام على رسول الله

Alhamdulillâh, in recent months, we have noticed an increase in visitors from various parts of the world. Our nisâb/mahr and Zakâh tools continue to be popular with people around the world. Earlier this year, we added 3 currencies (Indian and Pakistani rupees and Malaysian Ringgits) to our original three (£/$/€) to cater for these visitors. However, this doesn't seem to have been enough as we have gained significant increases in people from other parts of the world whose local currencies are not represented. To remedy this, we've now added 9 more currencies for a total of 15 fully supported currencies in our tools:


Supported currencies
CurrencyISO codeCurrency Symbol
British PoundsGBP£
US DollarsUSD$
UAE DirhamsAEDد.إ.
Australian DollarsAUD$
Bangladeshi TakasBDT
Canadian DollarsCAN$
Egyptian PoundsEGP
Indonesian RupiahsIDRRp
Indian RupeesINR
Moroccan DirhamsMADد.م.
Malaysian RinggitsMYRRM
Philippine PesosPHP
Pakistani RupeesPKR
Saudi RiyalsSARر.س.

Changes to the home page summary

We've long had a summary of the prices on the home page. It's no longer possible to display all the currencies on the home page, so we only display the original 3. All 6 calculated prices (silver/gold nisâb, gold tola and the 3 mahr prices) are displayed for British pounds (being based in the UK). The other 2 currencies ($ and €) only have the 2 most important prices: the silver nisâb and mahr al-azwâj (the dower of the wives of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم). To see the full price display for all currencies, click on See all currencies (10+) in full at the bottom which will take you to the dedicated nisâb/mahr prices page.

Changes to the nisâb/mahr prices tool

Choose currency in the nisab/mahr prices tool

Bangladeshi taka example

The original 3 currencies are displayed in full. The remaining three can be selected from a drop-down Choose currency which allows you to choose your preferred currency. Upon selection, the prices for that currency will be displayed immediately below in full.

Zakâh Calculator

A Zakah Calculator example

All of the currencies are available for selection from the currency selector. This will automatically update the nisâb and the Zakâh due according to the selected currency. It will also update the gold tola conversion prices.

Access the Zakâh Calculator.

Gold Value Calculator

Again, all of the currencies are available for selection from the currency selector. The calculation will be given according to the selected currency.

Gold Value Calculator example

Access the Gold Value Calculator.

Code Revamp

The code has been revamped to make it easier to add new currencies across all our tools. If we need to add more, they can be added almost instantly (or, at least, until the next price update).

We hope you find these changes useful. Any feedback and suggestions are appreciated.

Is your local currency missing? Let us know and we can have it added it for you within 24 hours, insha Allah.


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