Tarâweeh in Haste

Fast Taraweeh
The mindset of tarâweeḥ salâh having to be performed at exceptional speeds is deeply engrained in a large part of the Muslim Ummah, particularly in those communities where Arabic is not spoken or understood. What is the purpose of tarâweeḥ salâh anyway? Is it simply a burden that has to be gotten rid of as quickly as it was laid on one's shoulders? There are people who travel miles to go to a Masjid infamous for its speedy tarâweeḥ only to get home later than someone who was to attend his local Masjid. What does this prove other than the lack of desire to stand in front of Allâh Ta'âlâ or inattentiveness towards, and lack of interest in, the Qur-ân?

Urgent! Shari'ah-compliant student loans: only a few days left!

Tuition fees for studying at university are now £9000 which is totally unaffordable for most students and their families. Even middle-class families would struggle to help out their children pay these fees. Currently available student loans are interest-based loans which are totally forbidden in Shari'ah. The consultation is the first step to an alternative Shari'ah-compliant solution.

The Obesity Puzzle and the Weight Loss Riddle


It may come to you as no surprise... And guessing right won't win you a prize.
But obesity is here to stay... For the long run it wants to play.

It loves to cause major diseases... As much or as little as it pleases.
And when it's had about enough... It'll help you get to your last puff.

But why it is what it is, and how... These are questions that need answering now.

The Burden of Unnecessary Weight

The burden of unnecessary weight

The burden of unnecessary weight will arguably be the largest global public health concern over the next century. There was a time when food was hard to come by, and people had to work hard to obtain it. Obesity was only seen amongst the wealthy privileged classes, and so a disease like diabetes was rare. Two things have happened in the past hundred years or so which has changed much in most of the developed world.

Forum Etiquette

Forum image

Here are some pertinent points worth observing when posting/debating on forums:

    - Do not post non-Islamic (non-mubâḥ) naughty stuff
    - Try to refrain from using emoticons/smilies (excessive use is just childish)
    - Do not link to an article or piece of news without verifying its contents first
    - ...

Email Etiquette

Email received

A bit of common sense really, but surprising how many Muslims fall prey to the obvious no-nos when it comes to sending emails:

    - Do not send/forward non-Islamic (by that I mean non-mubâḥ) naughty stuff
    - Do not forward without verifying the contents of the email/article
    - ...

Why the Eid public holiday petition doesn't make sense

There's currently a petition online that you may have come across calling for an Eid bank/public holiday because of the number of Muslims in the UK. Here are a few reasons why signing the petition doesn't make sense.

No Boxed Gifts

gift box

How many times have you received invitation cards with "No boxed gifts" written in not-so-small print at the bottom?

Well, it's fraught with problems - both culturally and Islamically. First of all, it means invitations are (potentially) no longer given with sincerity. Just imagine: it could mean that each invitee (or family) is invited with the hope that he (or it) will pay towards the cost of the wedding or event. This can't be right.

The Deen is Naseehah - الدين النصيحة

Since this is the very first post, it would only be right to start off by explaining what constitutes Naseehah, its significance in Islâm and what relevance it has to wellwishing (and hence the name of this charity). What better way to achieve this than by means of a famous Hadeeth?

Rasoolullâh (صلى الله عليه وسلم) said: “The Deen (religion) is Naseehah (good advice)”. We said “To whom?” He said “To Allâh and His Book, and His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their common people.” [Related by Muslim]

An-naseehah, in a nutshell, means giving good advice sincerely in an effort to benefit the one being given the advice. The "Deen is Naseehah" means that the Deen (religion) is all about wanting good for oneself and others; by adopting the Deen, one is ultimately benefiting from a peaceful life in this world and eternal bliss in the hereafter.


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