News: Our tools now support 15 (FIFTEEN) currencies!

15 currencies now supported
To support the ever-increasing number of visitors from around the world, we now directly support 15 (fifteen) currencies in our tools: - Nisâb/Mahr Prices - Zakâh Calculator - Gold Value Calculator

How to thank another Muslim correctly

There are different ways of thanking another Muslim and people use different forms. JazakAllahu Khayran, JazakAllah or Jzk: which one's the correct form? The purpose of this article is to explore which is the correct form and the one that should be adopted by all Muslims.

Long summer fasts: a blessing in disguise!

Hot summer day with the sun shining
Read about why long summer fasts on hot days are actually a blessing in disguise!

Ramadhân 1436/2015 Events

Ramadhân 1436/2015 Events
These are the confirmed and proposed events during Ramadhân events for 1436 (2015). Please try to participate and encourage others too.

Gold Value Calculator Guide

Gold Value Calculator
This guide provides instructions and helpful hints in how to use the Gold Value Calculator to calculate the value of your gold.

Common blood tests: Part 1

Blood test tubes

GPs can request a whole host of blood tests which can help to make or exclude specific diagnoses. In the first part of this series, why blood tests are requested is discussed, along with a brief explanation of some of the most common Haematology blood tests.

Unpaid Zakâh Calculator Guide

Unpaid Zakâh Calculator Guide icon
The accompanying guide to our Unpaid Zakâh Calculator which describes how to use the calculator and what you would use it for.

Historical Nisâb Tool Guide

Historical nisâb tool guide image

This guide will help you use our Historical Nisâb Tool. You may find this tool useful in case of missed Zakâh in the past, to work out if you need to pay Zakâh (whether you were above nisâb or not last year) or simply for research purposes. Let us know if you find it useful.

TATT: Tired All The Time - is this how you feel?

TATT: Tired All The Time

Doctors use the abbreviation TATT very often as feeling 'tired all the time' is such a common complaint. But what is the answer to solving this age-old riddle of tiredness?

This blog article explores the commonest physical and non-physical causes.

What to do when you receive a forwarded message

Social media/message sharing
People often don't think twice about forwarding a message they receive on social media or via a messaging app. Have we stopped to consider if the message is genuine? Here is an explanation of what we should really do when we receive a message.


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