Warming up a common cold

Achoo! Alhamdulillah!

As a GP, I regularly see many patients complain of coughing and blocked noses. Almost invariably they are viral throat infections, but why is this common condition such a frequent presentation and cause many to seek medical help?

Q & A: A new question and answer section on the site

Question and Answers - Q&A
Introducing a new section on the site for answers to questions posed by visitors.

Introducing 3 new currencies to nisâb, mahr & Zakâh tools

3 new currencies: Indian rupee, Pakistani rupee and Malaysian ringgit
To cater for our visitors from India, Pakistan and Malaysia, we have added 3 new currencies to our popular nisâb, mahr and Zakâh tools.

Are Your Medicines Halâl?


Many Muslims take medicines on a regular basis for long-term conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Many more of us take some sort of medication on an ad-hoc basis. Whatever the case, should we, as Muslims, just accept all medicines to be Halâl and assume they are okay to take because the doctor prescribed them or the pharmacist recommended them?

The Right Way is the Only Way

Right Hand is the way forward

Every time we carry out an action do we ever stop and think if it has been done correctly? A Muslim attempts to emulate his beloved Messenger SallAllȃhu 'alayhi wasallam in each and every one of his actions. A new Qur-ân Search Tool logo
To rekindle our bond with the Qur-ân, we have set up a new website: - a Qur-ân Search Tool. The ultimate aim of the tool is to allow users to search for any word or words contained within the Qur-ân and have all the knowledge pertaining to their search term at their fingertips.

Tips for al-Haramayn

Masjid al-Harâm in Makkah al-Mukarramah
For the benefit of those intending to perform Hajj (and 'Umrah), here's a list of tips (Dos/Don'ts) to ensure the time spent in the blessed lands is time well spent. The tips cover a wide range of areas - from what to do when flying to the Holy Lands to how to shop - all with the aim of ensuring you spend your time as best as you can, inshâ-Allâh.

Eid Salâh at the Musallâ: A Forgotten Sunnah

Open field aka Musallâ
The majority of Muslims in the West - if not the world - perform their 'Eid Salâh in the Masjid and consider this to be the recommended practice. The actual Sunnah is to perform it in an open field outside the inhabited area of the town or city, which is known as a Musallâ (or 'Eidgâh). One thing is clear: Rasûlullâh SallAllâhu 'alayhi wasallam and the Khulafâ ar-Râshidoon (the rightly-guided Caliphs) used to perform the 'Eid Salâh in the Musallâ and it is for this reason that many of the 'ulamâ have stated that to perform Salâh at the Musallâ is an emphasised Sunnah. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the Muslims of each town/city to arrange for one, otherwise all the inhabitants would be held accountable.

Zakâh Calculator Guide

Zakâh Calculator Guide
This guide will help you use our Zakâh Calculator, so that you can accurately calculate your Zakâh and fulfil this important obligation.

Who Should Lead Tarâweeh?

Mihrâb where the Imâm stands
As Muslims, and followers of the Qur-ân, the least we owe the Qur-ân is that we should care about who recites it and how it is recited during the tarâweeḥ salâh in our Masâjid. Being passive in this regard and accepting the norm - albeit reluctantly - means that frankly we are falling short of fulfilling our responsibility towards the Word of Allâh.


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